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Free WAV To MP3 Converter 7.6

Fast and attractive WAV to MP3 audio conversion tool with ID3 tag support

Free WAV To MP3 Converter is a straightforward audio conversion utility that can transform your WAV files into small high-quality MP3 files and can expand any MP3 into a full WAV file quickly and efficiently. Besides, during the conversion process, the program will transfer all ID3 tags present in the source files into the target audio files.

Conversions between WAV and MP3 audio files are probably the most common ones among digital audio users. Converting your bulky WAV files into small and more portable MP3 has obvious advantages, though you should know that a certain loss of quality will be involved in the process. Converting from MP3 to WAV will allow you, for instance, to burn your MP3 collection into standard CDs, though this transcoding process cannot possibly recover the quality lost during the WAV-to-MP3 conversion.

All ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags present in your WAV or MP3 files will be transferred to the output audio file automatically, thus saving you time. The program’s support for batch conversion is also a great time-saver, as well as the program’s optimization for multi-core CPUs to perform faster conversion processes. But maybe the program’s main asset is the fact that all their conversion tasks are performed on the fly, which means that no temporary files will be stored on your computer.

This is a limited audio conversion tool with support for only the two audio codecs mentioned above. Despite its limitations, it does perform all its encoding and decoding processes effectively and at reasonable high speed.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Transfers existing ID3 tags from the source to the target file
  • Does not create any temporary file during the conversion process
  • Simple and easy conversion interface


  • Limited to WAV and MP3 files
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